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Hello There,

Artist Statement

During the time I spent at university studying for my Bachelor’s Degree I found myself quite frustrated as I tried to establish my artistic identity with one main defining discipline.  I dabbled in Abstract, painting, photography, installation, and projection work to name just a few.  After a few years of soul searching and artistic experimentation i have chosen to embrace every part of my artistic interests.  I consider myself to be a multi-disciplinary Artist who works with a variety of media and themes. Nature and Landscapes is my main inspiration, followed very closely by mixed media, Abstraction and Collage and photojournalism

The lines between these themes are often blurred or defined. I enjoy combining all these themes but sometimes my work will focus on one or none of these themes.

My Love of photojournalism is what inspired me to kick start my own  bussiness; with family and wedding photography being my main focus. 


Although my love of the Fine arts will remain mostly a hobby it will still feature in my bussiness. You can explore this section of my Portfolio under the Fine Art tab.


I thank you for visiting my website and showing your support.


Kirsty heath

May 2023


Please feel free to look around my website or drop me a message using the Get in Contact page above. 

Email me at:

PS) this site is a working progress and is currently under construction 

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